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Movie script

    This fantastic film must be very accurate and interesting from the point of view of scientists and engineers. All scientific hypotheses and theories can be used in the film. The wiki format allows you to create a base for the film that can be corrected by experts in each field of study. This will help you avoid funny and stupid mistakes. Even such an area of work as translating script text can be done by Google or Yandex. And professional translators can correct the text.
    Any work on a script - creating ideas for episodes, writing text, correcting text, translating, creating illustrations, etc. - everything is protected by copyright.
    This project is completely new. It's like the beginning of Bitcoin. All possibilities are now open. You can write one episode or a whole series of script fragments. You can plan a script or a film outline. Please copyright and keep the copyright of the authors whose information you used. The most interesting scenes can be used in the production of the film. And you can be the author of these episodes.

Movie script

    Global Public wiki Movie Script #34754 - 28 February 2021, 20:28
    Episode number 34754
    Interrogation of Paratrooper Jett
    Central Command (CoCo):
    - You got the data on quantum connectedness. We are interested in them
    - (Jett) This question has existed since the start of work on the quantum location. The labs were too busy with technology and testing. The military needed real locators, not hypotheses.
    - (CoCo) You've also studied astronomy.
    - (Jett) Someone should have thought about it. We were able to create a theory of the detector and build a device. It turned out that entangled particles are present in cosmic radiation of different nature. Quantum entanglement, quantum entanglement, millions of years.
    - (CoCo) Do you think that we have been watched for millions of years?
    - (Jett) This is very likely. Apparently "that side" has existed for a long time. It is even possible that they "live slower than us", but much longer. Maybe even "permanently".
    - (CoCo) Why then do they need us?
    - (Jett) We live faster. We generate ideas and solve problems faster. And they use them. This is very beneficial. If there are many such "reserves", we will never catch up with them.
    - (CoCo) We need to look for a solution. Any hypotheses?
    - (Jett) They can have different levels and the ability to move to a higher level. This is just a guess. No data. We must look for entrances. Now it is not even known how they might look, what their properties and conditions are.
    Russian edition
    The script is very simple. Google Translate easily translates into other languages. You just have to edit the translation into your native language. It's very simple. Then publish the resulting text with links to the originals and you will become one of the authors of the script for the film. Even if you forget about the script, it will take a long time before the production of the film, you will still be one of the authors. It's forever!
    Wiki Technology provides an opportunity to become an author for thousands of authors. This will make the movie "Landing on OFLAMERON" the most famous public project. Such prominence makes the production of the film the most likely.
Valery Shmeleff (Valery Shmelev) /OFLAMERON/
    The wiki movie script can be used to find employees in science and engineering. You can assess not only the level of knowledge, level of experience, technical training, but also the creativity and area of interest of a potential employee. Moreover, this is not a formal approach. You can get more interesting information than a standard resume.
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