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    VB training guide for beginners users.  Ver 1.20

  Valery V Shmeleff   - author.  >>>>

    Guidelines for programmers in VB 6.0 for
new logical game programming. The document includes rules of the game, step-by-step programming process description in e-book format, screenshots and 9 complete VB-projects (listings for each development step).


     Game screen:

     Logical game has several variants, such as tabular, card, cycle card, paper sheet tabular. Software versions of the game contain bigger scaling capabilities: playing area dimensions can be changed, as well as cellsí / cardsí nominal quantity, game branching types can; PDA /cellular versions can be created etc.

     See Image for Example:


     E-book Information (for Windows) - 23 color pages (source codes, notes, comments and images), 2.343 Mbyte in ZIP. Installation is not required.

E-book download

    Warning. ZIP archives contain two e-books in EXE format: [1] demo.exe - 1.177 Mbytes - free demo version and [2] fullguide.exe - 1.212 Mbytes - full training guide with source code.


     In free e-book demo.exe - some part of the information is excluded. Get licension key for full e-book version - 16.50$ only.


To get license please register online

     - Enter password (licension key).

     See some ebook pages for example:
                    [VB game]












     And more. 23 pages - about 700 Kbyte Visual Basic information ...


     License agreement: - All content on this e-book is for personal use. Game name, game algorithm, game forms and elements, game code is protected by copyright law and international treaties. Commercial reproduction must be licensed! Unauthorized commercial reproduction or distribution of this content, code and etc., or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under law.  

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